2020 APPPL board members

Cathy Buckley

Cathy began climate work as a Boston-area transportation planner. She transitioned to volunteer work in 2011, moving to Raleigh in 2017. She works with many other groups, including Climate Reality Project, Pachamama Alliance, EDF, and MIT Energy, Environment and Sustainability Alumni Network. She envisions the time when all humans revere and respect their common home and all beings on it.

Tom Clark (board president)

Tom is a retired firefighter and a landowner impacted by the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Tom and his wife, Sandy, live near Fayetteville, NC. Tom writes, “We do not inherit our land from past generations…..We borrow it from our future generations. This is what my APPPL FAMILY has taught me. Each day APPPL lives this, and for that we and all future generations are blessed. My grandfather taught me at an early age that ‘our land does not belong to us, but we belong to the land’………………NOT ONE STEP BACK!”

Kris Dang

Kris, a software developer with a passion for technology, has been a member of APPPL since 2019. After traveling abroad to India and witnessing first hand the devastating impact of air pollution on his father’s health, he believes we all can do more — if even just a little bit — to help prevent further climate attrition and catastrophes. He lives in Fayetteville, NC.

Drew Hudson (secretary)

Mac Legerton

Steve Norris (board vice president)

Steve is a father, grandfather, and great grandfather as well as a builder, gardener, and an elder whose activism started in the civil rights and antiwar movements of the sixties. Steve is always looking for new ways to challenge oppression and support people and communities struggling for freedom, justice, and a better way of life. He lives amidst the boundless beauty of the western North Carolina mountains with his wife, Kendall.

Kay Reibold

Kay joined APPPL during its 2017 ACP Walk to Stop the Pipeline. Her 30 year social justice career working with refugees and advocating on behalf of indigenous peoples in Vietnam instilled in her a commitment to work for justice, peace and freedom for all beings. She lives in Raleigh in a quiet sanctuary in the woods with a deep reverence for the birds and wildlife that live in the area. “My vision is a world where Mother Nature is protected and loved.”

Jerome Wagner

Jerome is originally from New Jersey. He started working with NC APPPL in 2018 after relocating to Concord, NC. He takes action with APPPL and a few other climate-related groups in hopes for a climate-safe world for his daughters Danielle, Christine, and Brittany and grandsons Carson, Cooper, Callahan, and Lincoln.

Marvin Winstead

Greg Yost (treasurer)

Greg has contributed to APPPL’s work since its beginning in 2016. He is a former high school teacher who believes North Carolina’s young people deserve to inherit a more democratic and resilient state to meet challenges posed by altered climate patterns they did not create. Greg lives with his wife, Terri, in Mars Hill, NC.